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Our Mission

Our nation’s heroes risk their lives, while showing more bravery, selflessness, and determination than most people could ever imagine. Then they come home. What then? For many, they return to nothing. 50,000 veterans in the United States are homeless— An unacceptable number.

A Soldier’s Home is devoted to providing our veterans with the level of respect they deserve, by making them independent, self-sustainable homeowners.

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“It got me into a home which I thought was never going to happen. It’s obviously emotionally helped me out, because I’m not stressed so much. I don’t have to worry about landlords, I don’t have to worry about people telling me that I can’t have my Marine Corps flag up. The biggest thing is it gave my kids a place to play, a place to go where they didn’t have that before. It’s been a big burden off my back.”
“It was awesome. They did an amazing job. I thought buying a house was going to be a lot worse than it actually was. They made it very simple for me.”
“It was a really positive experience. With them it was excellent.”